July 13, 2022

Hello! I’m Mark Powers. This is my website. I started it back in 2018 when I wanted to share my process of learning to bake bread. Now it’s mostly just a general blog, but also where I host a lot of my projects.

Software Engineer - DevOps Lead at Chameleon Cloud
Chicago. Previously, Chicago Suburbs, Madison, and West Michigan
Almae Matres
Hope College, UW-Madison
Source Code
Programming, video games, reading, bicycling, woodworking, chess, cooking, disc golf
Operating System
Regolith Linux — I like how little fuss Ubuntu is, it runs any I want without too much hassle. Regolith is great for people like me, who are also want to try/use i3 in an environment they are comfortable with.
Vim — I stick mostly to defaults. I like that pretty much on any system, it’ll have this editor that I am used to, and Vim is very powerful with enough practice.
RSS Reader
Miniflux — I like being able to browse feeds anywhere. Previously, I used FreshRSS, but my install broke and I couldn’t fix it. I have over 500 feeds at the moment, and the fetching service of Miniflux works well.
One very fluffy black cat, one shorthair kitten
Erdos Number
3 — Myself ↔ Charles A. Cusack ↔ Charles J. Colbourn ↔ Paul Erdos
Keahey, Kate, Jason Anderson, Michael Sherman, Zhuo Zhen, Mark Powers, Isabel Brunkan, and Adam Cooper. “Chameleon@Edge Community Workshop Report.” (2021).
Cusack, Charles A., Aaron Green, Airat Bekmetjev, and Mark Powers. “Graph pebbling algorithms and Lemke graphs.” Discrete Applied Mathematics 262 (2019): 72-82.
Cusack, Charles A., Airat Bekmetjev, and Mark Powers. “Two-pebbling and odd-two-pebbling are not equivalent.” Discrete Mathematics 342, no. 3 (2019): 777-783.
Cusack, Charles A., Mark Powers, and Airat Bekmetjev. “Doppelgangers and Lemke graphs.” Discrete Mathematics 341, no. 10 (2018): 2686-2693.